10.18.16 CrossFit Workout WOD Centennial Lone Tree CO

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Warm-up (10)

3 Rounds-

10 Air Squats

10 TRX T’s and Y’s

10 Good mornings

10 v-ups

Skill- Power Snatch work *Today’s focus will be working the skill of the snatch


*Perform 10 unbroken power snatches, rest as needed, 8 unbroken, 6 unbroken… take your time between sets, goal is to add weight each set as the number of reps decreases

B. For Max Reps-

5 Rounds-

1 Minute- Burpees to a Plate (45)

1 Minute- Ball Slams (40/30)

1 Minute- Back Squats (135/95) *Bar taken from the floor



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