4.11.14 WOD

10M Cap
FSHS Technique & Practice
Active Shoulder
Hollow Body
Run 5k
Row 2k
Ankle, Calf, and Lower Back Mobility
Where do you go for information on how to improve technique in your lifts, movements, and stretches?  The CrossFit Journal is one of the best exercise resources in the world.  It is FILLED with information about how to improve your olympic lifts, gymnastic movements, running technique, motivation, and more.  The first year is FREE.  For today, I would recommend subscribing to the first year…FREE.  Click here for info.  Next, look up Dr. Romanov and Pose Running Technique on the CrossFit Journal.  He will help you to:
  • Run easier and faster than you have before
  • Use less energy when you run
  • Put an end to knee pain created from the dreaded “heel strike”
  • Put an end to shin splints

Check out this video for an intro to Pose Running.

[youtube height=”500″ width=”900″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24iVDwOHLs8[/youtube]