6.5.14 WOD

Upcoming Events at F.I.T.| Park Meadows CrossFit:

Now through 7/3- KISS Challenge at FIT.  It’s not too late to start.  Winner gets a FREE month membership.  Sign up!

6/13- 6pm. Friday Night Fights- In house competition for our members at FIT | Park Meadows CrossFit.  Three 5 Minute WODS.  Bring your best workout outfit (We will judge the winner), bring your cooler, and be ready for some action… This is for EVERYONE to participate in!

6/14- 9 & 10am. Outside WOD at Road Runner sports.  We’re moving the WOD outside to the parking lot at Road Runner Sports.  It’s going to be great!  It’s FREE, it’s fun, and it’s going to have a ton of people present.  Did I mention there will be prizes?

6/22 1-5pm Deadlift Seminar with Jesse Branham, current American USPA Deadlift record holder for age and weight division. (551 deadlift age40-44/198lb). Cost is $40.  An incredible way to get better at the Deadlift without pain.  Click here for information.

6/25 7-830pm.  FREE Prevention and Treatment of Sport Injuries seminar put on by our partner University of Colorado Hospital.  RSVP to [email protected]

Handstand Walk Practice: Find appropriate drills for all levels- from simply kicking up to wall, holding handstand on wall, balancing off the wall, shifting weight from hand to hand, lifting hand on at a time, walking sideways, walking with a partner spotting, or just walking on hands.

EDJ’s “Sweat Dream”
5 Rounds for time of:
400 m Row
20 Burpees

6 Rounds total, alternating with a partner, complete 10 Slam Balls and 100 m sprint. While resting, complete 20 AbMat Sit Ups.

When was the last time you were sore from your WOD?  This morning?  Today’s video is a long one, but it is incredible. This a great video about maintaining your body from our friend Kelly Starrett.  For those of you who aren’t as familiar, Kstar is CrossFit’s mobility master.  He does an amazing job of helping people get better at moving so that they can get better at CrossFit.  Enjoy 🙂

[youtube height=”450″ width=”900″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLeREzs-nqI[/youtube]