One of the major differences I see between chronically fit people and those who aren’t is that fit people have developed something I call “lean habits.”

A fit person has typically developed enough discipline over time to make the choices that best serve them and their goals regularly, which is what allows them to stay fit.

For example, a person with lean habits can choose water over soda with lunch. They can drive by fast food restaurants and not be tempted to pull over. They can say no to dessert most of the time without a second thought.

Are lean habits easy to develop? Well, honestly, no. But they absolutely can be developed with consistent commitment over time.

Perhaps you work on developing your lean habits first with creating rules and parameters to slowly change your current habits.

It could be:

There are no hard and fast rules around how to develop lean habits, it’s simply about doing what works for you.

So, how will you start to develop your lean habits?

To Your Success,

Kaitlin B

It’s the middle of December if you can believe it!
Time for family, friends, parties, and reflection on the past year.
But I want to highlight something that I think is incredibly important…
If you aren’t where you want to be in terms of your health and fitness right now, and you’re waiting for January 1 to get started, there is a 93% chance you’ll be getting ready to start your journey all over again on January 1, 2020.
Let me explain…
When we put off change and tackling goals, it sets us up for almost certain failure (93% chance according to research). That’s right, 93% of people will not achieve a goal they set.
And given that my mission is to help people push past goals and truly transform, this kills me!
I know you’re probably thinking “but things are just too crazy during the holidays!”
As you may have heard me say before, that’s simply a false story that far too many people believe.
If you’re serious about making change in any area of your life, it’s never about tomorrow.
It’s about the choices you make moment to moment that really count.
Putting things off until January is an extremely dangerous game that almost guarantees failure.
So, if you’ve had January 1 in your head to take action, throw that out right now, hit reply, and let me know you’re ready.
I can’t wait to support you.
Yours in Health,
Kaitlin B
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You want to get fit.

You join your local big box gym.

You show up on Day 1, fully committed, in your new fitness gear, and open the doors.

Suddenly it feels like all eyes are on you.

You walk to the treadmill and warm yourself up for 10 minutes or so.

Then it’s time to hit the weights. Except you have no idea what to do with them.

You can feel the sweat starting to build, but it’s from the sheer horror, intimidation, and embarrassment you’re experiencing – not the exercise.

You decide to play it safe and do the machine circuit. You sit down on the first machine and realize you have no clue what weight to use let alone how the machine operates.

Suddenly, a fit woman is watching you, waiting for you to get off the machine so she can take her turn.

Rather than deal with the humiliation, you just leave to never return.

Of course, this is a slightly exaggerated story, but it is a version of a story we have heard from so many of our clients here at Epic Fitness.

And that’s why we’ve worked hard to create the most supportive, warm tribal community around.

If you’re ready to ditch intimidating gyms forever and stop starting over once and for all, just click here and let us know you’re ready to have a no pressure chat with us.

We’ve got your back!

To Your Success,

Kaitlin B

If you’ve at the fitness game for a while, you may have jumped on and off the wagon a time or two.

And through that process, you may have picked up specific beliefs around exercise and nutrition “rules.”

Some examples would be…

“Don’t eat after 7pm.”

“Lifting weights makes you bulky, so focus on yoga and cardio.”

“Keep your calorie count to 1200 of less each day.”

And frankly, rules are made to be broken.

Those rules that we so often hold onto for dear life are the rules that made us fall off the wagon in the first place. They’re the rules that kept us from getting real, lasting results.

So, look inward for a moment. What hard and fast rules do you believe to be true around fitness or nutrition?

Now, I want you to question them.

How did they work for you in the past?

Were you able to stick with those rules?

How did abiding by those rules make you feel?

If any negative responses came up, it’s time to let go of those rules and try something new.

To Your Success,

Kaitlin B

Despite what many people in the business world are teaching, there is a very simple way to move your business and your life forward.

It’s not writing to-do lists, creating a strategic plan or, some other complex thing.
It’s simple, really.
It’s action.
It’s literally taking one step in the right direction…followed by another and then another.
And sometimes this requires experimenting with totally new actions if previous ones weren’t working.
When we overcomplicate things, we get ourselves stuck. We find ourselves frozen, unable to take action.
We overwhelm ourselves with the big picture and suddenly it all just feels out of reach.
If you’re feeling this right now, stop and ask yourself – what is the easiest step forward I can take?
Because we must always remember that action creates results, which create motivation – not the other way around.
So, what’s your next right step?
Kaitlin B
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