Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an ancient modality practiced heavily in many cultures to the south and east of the United States. There are different styles of energy healing; most, if not all, are used to reach the same conclusion: wholeness and balance.

Everyone at some point in their lives has felt unbalanced or not functioning at 100 percent. This is due to foreign energy we deal with throughout the day, week, year, etc. Our bodies have energy centers (chakras) that emanate energy fields similar to a wireless router. These fields can reach as far as 50-100 feet (doctors and specialist have measured these fields).

Knowing that, think about the people around you each day. If you find yourself around a pleasant person, you feel good and safe. If you find someone that drains you or makes you physically sick to be around, it tells you immediately what type of energy they convey.

The energy work I practice is very simple, organic, and painless. I replace the non-beneficial and dysfunctional energy within the body with energy that is for the greatest and highest good for my patient. The process is similar to a massage and sessions last 30-45 minutes. I have found this process to help relieve pain, headaches, stress, sicknesses, levels of mental and emotional issues, etc. Awareness of energy, how to manage and improve energy, block non-beneficial energy has greatly impacted my life and I hope to teach you to do the same.

If you would like to learn more about this, please contact me and I can get you many useful articles to read. There is a variety of information out there on the internet. I can help you navigate through some of it. But the best way to understanding the idea of energy healing is to experience it.


Derrick Miller, Reiki Master / Teacher

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