How to avoid Ripping your hands in CrossFit

After 4 years of CrossFit, I am reminded of some of the lessons I learned along the way.  My favorite lesson has always been… How to not rip your hands in CrossFit.  Here is the bullet point version along with the supporting articles. I hope this helps 🙂

  1. Unless you’re in a competition, avoid a rip at all costs.
  2. If you’re doing more than 50 Pull Ups, Toes 2 Bar, or Kneeds to Elbows you should tape your hands or wear gloves.  The longer you CrossFit, the more you can do without a rip.  More than 20 straight of anything will rip hands in the beginning without proper care and grip.
  3. Don’t tape the bars.  The tape gets sweaty, sticky, and will rip you wide open unless you replace the tape often.
  4. Learn the training grip when hanging from a bar.  Use it ALL THE TIME.  At first, it will cause you to do less pull ups.  In the End, it will make you many times stronger at Pull Ups.  Here’s the link for how to Training Grip.
  5. Use a Hook Grip when handling a Bar Bell ALL THE TIME.  Here’s a video
  6. Tape your thumb when you do a high volume of Snatches.
  7. As you develop calluses, maintain them.  You need to shave them with a callus shaver or hit them with a pumice stone before they become to big, or the callus will rip off.
  8. When doing a high volume of Pull Ups, learn to adjust the training grip from Intermediate Phalanges to Proximal Phalanges as the reps go up to avoid a rip.
  9. DON”T USE TOO MUCH CHALK!  Use just enough to keep your hands dry.  That is the point.  If you cake it on, you are guaranteed to rip.  It becomes sticky and creates friction that will cause a rip.
  10. If you rip, learn to use “Climb On!” or Chap Stick on them during the day to keep your hands moist so they can heal. At night, put neosporin on them before sleep to keep them healing.


CrossFit Journal article on rips

Fitbomb full article on gripping.  GREAT article.

I hope this helps everyone!