Endurance Meets Strength

Intensity is a 60-minute endurance and lifting Program. It is built to give you all of the benefits of weight lifting without any heavy movements. Increase endurance. Increase Mobility. Increase Strength and more.

Have you been putting in the hours at the gym, but you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for? Or are you just plain bored on the elliptical machine at your 24-hour big box gym? Wherever you are in your fitness journey, it might not be a bad idea to “shake things up” a bit and try a workout that will give you the results you desire and the fun you crave.

Intensity Park Meadows offers a workout like no other. It will blast fat—and it is a blast to do! So why wait? Try Intensity Park Meadows and get in the best shape of your life!

What Can I Expect With An Intensity Workout?

These workouts are tough—and so is describing them. Imagine a little bit of weight lifting, a little bit of boot camp, a little bit of cardio, and a whole lot of fun—and that is an Intensity workout. Come and find out for yourself why these workouts are a whole lot more fun than just hopping on the stair climber for an hour. These high-intensity, circuit-style workouts using some of the gym’s best “toys” will push you right into being stronger and fitter. And don’t take our word for it. Just stop in and try it for yourself!

What you can expect is an hour-long workout that will fly by as every single muscle gets worked. You will find yourself feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. The icing on the cake? You’ll burn a ton of calories—as many as 900 in just one hour!—both during and after the workout. You might have thought you would have to spend a lifetime looking for this kind of workout—but it’s right here in Lone Tree!

The workouts vary from day to day and you won’t believe what you are capable of until you try it! The workout starts with a warmup and is followed by a variety of circuits that are designed to challenge you and your fitness level.

What Goes Into An Intensity Workout?

Cardio conditioning
Battle ropes
Jumping rope
Assault bikes

Barbells (lightweight)
Slam Balls
Wall Balls

Abdominal exercises

Boxes jumps
Tires flips
Pullups and chinups
And our favorite…burpees!

We love to mix it up at Intensity Park Meadows, so you will see things the average 24-hour fitness place doesn’t usually include in its classes: Tabatas and partner workouts, bear crawls and crab crawls, the occasional obstacle course, with some surprises thrown in by way of athlete or coach’s choice. You will never do the same workout two days in a row. It makes fitness in the Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, and Parker area a whole lot of fun!

What About Coaches?

Our coaches are highly qualified, ensuring that your workout is effective and safe. Because of the sheer number of fitness classes we offer throughout the day, class sizes are small and you get the benefit of individualized attention. Regardless of your personal goals, our coaches will work with you to ensure you obtain them.

What Else Can You Tell Me About Intensity Park Meadows?

One of the most difficult things about staying with a workout regimen is that it can be difficult to stay motivated. You’ll enjoy our Intensity Park Meadows group vibe. Not only does it make the workouts that much more fun, but it will make you just that much more accountable! The support and camaraderie with like-minded individuals is invaluable. You are much more likely to push yourself to reach your goals when you are training with a group. There is nothing quite like peer pressure and a little friendly competition with your gym compadres to push you to pick up the pace!

Intensity Park Meadows is also convenient. We offer an easy class reservation and check-in system, which also enables you to keep track of goal attainment. A solitary hour on the elliptical machine doesn’t show you much about your fitness level and whether you are improving. Intensity Park Meadows’s workouts include benchmarks that that are quantifiable. Sure, you will feel better and look better if you are working out regularly—perhaps better than you have in your entire lifetime! –but there is something incredibly satisfying about seeing the specifics of your improvement.

We offer a full schedule of classes that start early in the morning and go until the evening. With so many offerings of our Intensity workouts over a 24-hour period, almost everyone should be able to take several classes each week.

Give yourself the challenge of a lifetime and get yourself fit like an athlete. Try Intensity Park Meadows and see why, yeah, it’s that tough!





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