An inclusive gym with coaches who meet you where you are and understand where you want to go.

We believe that whoever you are, you are stronger than you think. If you are an elite athlete working towards a competitive goal, a middle-aged parent who wants to get back into shape, or a grandparent who wants to stay out of a nursing home, we will help you move better and increase work capacity.

As an organization, we will find a way to yes. There is no minimum capability for joining the gym- you don’t need to lift a certain weight, or even be able to complete a workout of the day. If you have current or pre-existing injuries or concerns, we will find the right scaling option and modality to make it right for you. If you have a requirement or request that we don’t advertise, let us know and we will find a way to meet it.

Integrity is a sine qua non for everyone in our organization. There is no grey area here, and no one gets a waiver. We will treat everyone with complete honesty and unwavering fairness. While our coaches are human, we strive to give every member patience, dignity and respect. In return, all athletes are expected to listen to and adhere to the direction of the coaches.

Cheerfulness in the face of challenge: we are going to work hard-there is no “gym hack”, so embrace it and enjoy it! We need to know the difference between discomfort and injury, and we expect you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Good-natured ribbing is always welcome; complaining about the programming, music choice, exercise selection, etc., is not.

You should expect top quality coaching, because at the end of the day, this is what you are paying for. Expect and demand that our coaches pay attention to and seek to perfect your movement, not that we just add weight to your barbell. Our coaches will conduct themselves like consummate professionals. The coaches are not there to be on cell phones, work out or otherwise be distracted. We will strive to maintain our equipment, and ask for your assistance in doing so.

We firmly believe that humility is the accurate perception of oneself. As individuals and as a gym, we are constantly seeking self-improvement. Just as you should expect to grow as athletes, we are going to endeavor to improve as coaches and as an organization. Your direct, thoughtful and productive feedback is an essential part of that. Tell us how we can improve for you and for our community. Do it anonymously if you need, but know that we will always respectfully and carefully consider your input.


We are a group of coaches who believes in quality over quantity. Our specialty is coaching. Our classes average 1 coach for every 7 members so that we can always provide you the motivation and coaching you need and deserve. Our goal is to always provide you with the best coaching in our area. At our CrossFit gym located in Park Meadows near Highlands Ranch we understand that our members come to us with a variety of fitness experience, from being new to fitness, through being a professional athlete. From kids through senior citizens and every age in between, we will help you get FIT and achieve your health goals.

Our two main programs, CrossFit and Intensity are designed with this in mind. What’s your goal? Look good naked? Lose weight? Get stronger? Get healthy? Clean up your diet? Run a marathon? Compete in a CrossFit competition? Have fun working out? Find a fitness community where you belong? Let us know what you’re looking to achieve. We exist to help you reach your goals. Come see if we are the right FIT for you!