“Best gym and workout ever! I just did my personal best with dead lifts this morning and I couldn’t have done it without Lindsay. She helped me with my form, so I wouldn’t get hurt and encouraged me with my weight. She is the best! Thank you Lindsay!”


“Great gym with great people, both staff and members. Workouts designed to push and coaches focused on your technique and skill improvement.”


“I’ve been a member of for nearly a decade now. Great workouts, strong coaches, and I love coming in with no plan, and having the daily workout laid out for me.”


“For someone who hasn’t truly exercised since The National Physical Fitness Test performed in middle school, Intensity Park Meadows has reinvigorated my desire to become more physically fit!

Intensity Park Meadows has not only met but they have exceeded my expectations about what the purpose of a gym should be.

Regardless of the number of individuals attending a specific cross-fit class, the coaches are still able to provide individual attention, especially when it comes to modifying routines to your specific level to ensure that you are fully participating and progressing in the day’s program.

There also appears to be a unique camaraderie amongst the members, who encourage each other to prevail.

I do not hesitate to recommend Intensity Park Meadows for those desiring an atmosphere where they can not only progress in their physical fitness development but also actually look forward to going to the gym each day.

I have been a member since August 2019.”


“I just finished a 6-week challenge at Intensity. There are so many reasons to give a 5-star review. The workouts were challenging and a lot of fun. Generally you would complete 3-4 movements for several rounds. There would be 2-3 sets of different movements to complete during the hour long workouts. These were CrossFit like movements using lighter weights or body weight only.
The variety was excellent. The coaching was excellent. Class times throughout the day and evening made it very convenient. Being 60 years old sometimes you are concerned that you can’t keep up with the youngsters but you just work at your own pace and modify movements as needed for your fitness level. Although losing weight is difficult for me, I was able to lose some but I definitely accomplished my body fat loss goal, which I’m pretty happy with. I feel stronger and have way more energy than I did before. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to challenge themselves.”

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