“Intensity Park Meadows inspires every person that walks in the door to be better every day. I was fortunate to stumble upon the 6 week challenge and to my surprise I received so much more than I anticipated. Yes, I achieved the weight loss goal, but I gained a community. Every coach has a wealth of knowledge and gives 100% and more. Every fitness level is welcome, accepted and encouraged to achieve personal goals. Every coach has something different to offer with individual attention to each movement of the WOD. Thank you Intensity Park Meadows for inspiring me to be better!”


“The staff and the workout programs together make the gym experience one of a kind. Alex, Andrew, Amber and everyone else in the team help you work hard towards your goal. The class schedules are very convenient as they have slots throughout the day and in the weekend. Strongly recommend to anyone who is trying to start a healthy change.”


“I enjoyed the 6 week fitness challenge and learned a great deal about correct form. I was constantly watched during my workouts and the staff ensured I was doing everything correctly. They provide a great deal of variety in the workouts which always made it challenging and fun.”


“My wife and I did the 6 week challenge and were very impressed with the quality of the coaching staff and the time and individual attention we received. I would recommend this club to anyone at any level. Great people.
Hope to see you there.”

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