“I found this gym and challenge on Facebook one evening and read reviews and was intrigued. I signed up for the 6-week challenge and was a little nervous because I’ve never done CrossFit before. This place is truly amazing. The coaches are incredible, helpful, and encourage you the entire way. They help you learn the technique first and then have you progress through it at your pace but they challenge you to do more, knowing you are capable. I can honestly say I never leave after a workout in pain. I’m always sore but it’s a good sore where you know you’ve worked. I love that there are so many classes to choose from and every workout is different. I love that they challenge you to be better. I also love that there are so many people who attend who are in different stages of life, different ages, and different stages of their fitness and everyone cheers each other on. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone! I plan to continue my workouts at this gym. Thank you so much Intensity for your dedication to better fitness and all around better health!”